Leicester really spell the Champions League? And 1 King announced that the team left England 1 star


After crowned Premiership champions Leicester City, many people worry about their team's core players will be poached giants in the summer. However, after receiving the Premier League trophy, Leicester constantly positive, after the team announced core Mach Juarez left team, Leicester City, another king Valdivia also announced that it will leave the team.

When asked whether this summer will leave Leicester City, Valdivia from the relationship he and his teammates talking about, he said:. "Our team players are like brothers, like we are not the sort to leave the field after training, the next day to meet again relationship, in private, our relationship is very close. we often chat together, and went out to dinner. it is this friendship, we will unite together. "

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After bedding, Valdis given directly answer this summer will not leave, he said: "In the summer, many of us will certainly be the name of the media continue to refer to, but together we won the league title, and next season could kick the Champions League next season we certainly want to continue to fight. You know, we have just won the Premier League title and the Champions League play well, so I will be very happy to stay here. "

This season, Valdis far, has scored as many as 24 goals in the Premier League, he is one of the biggest player in Leicester City won the Premiership title. As a result, he won England Reporters Association named the best player in the Premier League this season. Due to outstanding performance, but also to attract a lot of Valdivia Yankees attention, but now he disclosed that he will leave the team after the continental giants this summer, almost digging his hopes dashed.

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