Real Madrid game is! Barcelona 220 million liquidated damages Continued second only to Messi Neymar

Neymar renewal topic continued. On Tuesday the Spanish "World Sports Daily" Nei Maer contract with Barcelona will be again the topic into the cover, and gives some new details. According to the newspaper saying, Neymar contract will expire in 2018 extended to expire in 2021, and his contract breach of contract payments also increased 30 million euros, to 220 million euros, second only to Lionel Messi in Barca squad 2.5 billion euros.

"World Sports Daily," the report also pointed out that, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea have been in the pursuit of Neymar, Barcelona last year, Manchester United also had a quote, but stay in Barcelona for Neymar no doubt. It is reported that, on renewal of contracts, Neymar has been frank, his father also put other clubs receive quotations are passed to Barcelona, ​​while Neymar himself has said his desire is to stay in Barcelona.

Neymar poor performance this year, so he suffered a lot of criticism, but the interior has been protected Neymar Barcelona, ​​executives said:. "Some critics over, maybe someone did was to undermine his psychological balance Neymar are people too this season is very long and we are satisfied with his performance, he has also been expressed in the Barcelona play feel very happy. we could not ask for more of him. "

Barca executives also pointed out: "We do not believe that public criticism had an impact on him, we did not see his uneasiness to play in Barcelona, ​​the heart must be strong enough to deal with everything, but Neymar's heart is very strong. . "

Barca team insisted that Neymar is not for sale:. "He can not be move, we do not want to see him in any way want him to leave Barcelona next season also showed a high level, he is not required to the next level floor, but to maintain the current level can be. "

Prior to Spain, "the daily sports newspaper," said Barca and Neymar party close to reaching a contract agreement. Signed by both parties, Neymar's contract will be extended until 2021. Moreover, Barcelona will also for the salary increase Neymar, when the salary will be less within the Barcelona team, second only to Messi. "Daily Sport newspaper," that Barcelona will be announced in July continued Yueneimaer.

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