Refuse Super! Torres Atletico Madrid will renew 2-year contract has been sent

Torres to stay away from Atletico Madrid has become increasingly closer, according to the "Aspen" reported Torres Atletico Madrid has been providing a new two-year contract, not surprisingly, the 32-year-old veteran on He will remain in the Vicente Calderon Stadium blazing.

Torres had the delay can not score, was on the verge of leaving the team, but his recent state can only be "overwhelmed" to describe the past 18 games, scored nine goals in the face of Barcelona and Bayern have a very good play. This performance also impressed Atletico level, according to the report, Torres Atletico Madrid has been sent to a two-year contract, just waiting for Torres to sign.

It is reported that Torres is currently on loan at Atletico state, still AC Milan all, however, Torres and the Rossoneri contract expires this summer. Torres more than once expressed the desire to want to continue to stay at Atletico Madrid, now it seems the two sides reached a consensus should not be a problem.

Torres Atletico Madrid close to signing a new contract, which means, including Super, many major league teams, including the United States to be disappointed. In order to stay in Atletico Madrid, Torres can only reject the invitation.

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