Italy 10 days after exposure to announce the new coach Italian media: 3 candidates for succession Conti

Conti has confirmed that will leave the Italian national team in the European Cup, and Chelsea coach, and who will take over for a Kongdi Cheng doubt. According to Italian media sources, 10 days Italy will announce their new coach, while the candidate list is included in Montella, Derby Westerly Ventura.

Italian Football Association 席塔维奇奥 eager to determine the new coach of the national team, but had also rumors that Ranieri, Mancini and other marshal likely to succeed Conti's job. However, according to "Gazzetta dello Sport" message, the top Italian coaches are out in their respective clubs open body, the final list of candidates is probably only three.

First Sampdoria Montella, after the end of the season, Montella is likely to leave Sampdoria. Previously also reported that AC Milan next season handsome goals, Montella is one of them, but recently the Italian national team coach Montella cries grew, he is also the largest candidate.

Albania coach derby Westerly also on the list among the former Udinese coach during the coach of Albania successfully led very near historic European Cup finals, became Albania's national hero, but he lacks the big club coaching experience of.

Turin Ventura is most prone Tavi chio a candidate in 2009, Ventura had substituted Conti took over the newly promoted Serie A club Bari. The coach make good use of young players, but also did not resume coaching top clubs.

According to Italian media, the new coach will be announced on May 21.

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