Secret United repurchase 100 million God! Just two points: +1 giant Mourinho


Boge Ba was a Manchester United player, but because the Red Devils can not play on the main, so he switched to Juventus. Now, he has grown into one of the new generation of football's best all-round midfielder. Many British media reports, Manchester United intends to repurchase Boge Ba. Then the Red Devils in the summer to sign Boge Ba can do? Recently, the "football tribe" columnist - Chris Beattie gives an affirmative answer.

The following is - Chris Beattie Rubric Excerpt:

Boge Ba Manchester United shirt to wear it again? This transfer case can put it this summer? For this question, my answer is: Yes! Moreover, the transfer fee is not the main factor.

On Saturday, Manchester United executives Woodward decided later this summer Boge Ba news appeared in the British media. It seems that this will be an unsuccessful attempt, some people even say that this is simply impossible. People will ask, why Boge Ba to join Manchester United, to know that he had just won a fourth Serie A league titles, a mid-table Premier League team (Manchester United), why can attract to him? But I think, because Mourinho, Manchester United have signed Bo Geba possible.

Manchester United now with the dilemma, they did not have the chance to sign Boge Ba. In fact, the chance to sign the France midfielder's team, Manchester United's rivals Manchester City. Lured by Guardiola, Bo Geba apparently more willing to go to Manchester City. However, if Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal to replace Jose Mourinho, the situation will be reversed.

Mike Mussina has always wanted to sign Dennis Palmer Shuai always wanted to sign Boge Ba
In the past two seasons, Mourinho Boge Ba will try again to buy the Premier League. He had said last summer: "I believe everyone Boge Ba are interested but there are things you can do, and some things you can not do it like me like the Eiffel Tower, but I can not move him. my family's back garden. Boge Ba is one of the best players in the world, no matter where he goes team, he can quickly enhance the team's strength. "

This is Mourinho last summer to say, was in support of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, the scheming to persuade Mourinho Boge Ba joined Chelsea. In Mourinho's advocate, Chelsea last January has been the first attempt to sign Boge Ba, but also because Juventus play in the Champions League knockout, so they rejected Chelsea. Then last summer, Chelsea will be a 85 million euros (66.5 million pounds) offer submitted to Juventus, and they to Boge Ba out of the annual salary of up to 12 million euros (£ 9.4 million). But Boge Ba has chosen to stay at Juventus, he just did not want to grant him the number 10 shirt of Juventus disappointed, do not want to disappoint the fans.

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