Riquelme: Messi in Argentina can only go it alone he can not hurt to win

America's Cup imminent war, Lionel Messi and his Argentine title drought this time to do so to the end of it? Former Argentina international Juan Roman Riquelme interview, as long as he stay healthy Messi, Argentina will be able to win.

In an interview with Fox Sports News, Riquelme said: "I am interested in the America's Cup great hopes Argentina will be closer to the championship, they have very good players, and Macy's in-form."

"If Messi does not hurt, I think Argentina can win." Riquelme represented.

"Why can not we win? Because in the national team, Messi can always go it alone. We need to take care of Messi, Messi enjoy the day, because he is Argentine, but no such Macy the players. "

"No portrait Messi, there is no, do not live anywhere. I am Argentine, and I was lucky enough to play with him, everyone should like him."

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