Schmeichel: melon handsome good enough for the most powerful coach Jose Mourinho his first defeat


Sina "the most trump card" guest Schmeichel signed a new column to the current period Schmeichel focused his talk on two of today's football marshal Guardiola and Mourinho views. Despite Schmeichel for Mourinho and Guardiola are praised, but now his favorite coach was someone else, and everybody can guess who it is?

Schmeichel Rubric:

First of all, I want to thank the Chinese fans to read my column, I am very pleased to be able to write a column in the form of fans exchanges with China. Today we're going to talk about the two Chinese fans favorite coach, Jose Mourinho and Guardiola.

I want to analyze the two coach like writing master's thesis, like, from different themes to write, but I will simply point to speak today. Guardiola likes the ball, he commented an important indicator of their team is to have much possession rate. Melon handsome basic idea is that you control the ball, it means that your opponent is hard scored. On the other hand, grasp the ball, you can save a lot of physical strength, the opponent always follow the ball is very consuming physical fitness. Grasp the ball also means mastered the rhythm of the game, you can decide when to control the game, when the offensive.

Guardiola training very much like football, I do not mean like a technical difficulty or NFL, but to the whole team mode, in which everyone should, how the movement has a fixed manner. He hates to lose possession, and if his players lose the ball, you must Fanqiang back within 5 seconds. If you do not have a good opportunity to attack, they will choose to return, so as not to consume any unnecessary physical. In simple terms, this is Guardiola's philosophy. Of course, the fact that the operation than I say more complicated. Even me, Guardiola not understand all the ideas.

Mike Mussina and melon handsome tactical completely different completely different Mike Mussina and melon handsome tactical
In contrast, Mourinho is completely different. Mike Mussina like the 'blue-collar' type players, like physical confrontation. Mourinho and Guardiola same place unique is that they want their team to fully save physical fitness. But the difference is that Mourinho wants to move forward faster and more direct way to attack. Mourinho does not shy away from defensive back, Possession no value for him, when his team got the ball, only the pursuit of efficiency.

Many people are accusing Mourinho's coaching approach is anti-football, but I think it's just a way to maximize the energy of the team only. Mourinho Guardiola hit first football coach. 2010 Champions League semi-final, Mourinho's Inter Milan to a 3-1, 0-1 result away out of Barcelona, ​​Mourinho Guardiola blocked. Everyone saw that Inter's tactical support, then a lot of people started doing the same thing to stop Barcelona.

For me personally, I do not agree with the transformation of the team Guardiola. I think he was just very lucky and very smart. In Barcelona, ​​he has an incredible group of players, they are all winners, the presence of these players make coach's job becomes much simpler. They perfectly adapted Guardiola wants Barcelona kicked out of style.

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