Inter season biggest regret: not eliminated Juventus Mancini refused to accept the 4th row

Inter Milan in the Serie A league final fourth, but the club's goal is clearly more than that. Mancini says that Inter deserved the Champions League and the Italian Cup final, semi-final could not reverse the Juve this season is the biggest regret.

End of the season, Mancini also accept the "Inter channel" interview of the season has been re-set: "This team has a good foundation, we are slowly return to a high standard, but also added to the Serie A title race in."

"If there are any regrets, the first is the Inter failed to achieve Champions League qualification, we would have been essential for a team in the Champions League. Inter Milan over a hundred years of history, the Nerazzurri also produced a number of world-class star. we started well, but conceded little on the defensive end, but our goal is also small, which restricts us forward. "

When asked what this season is the most regrettable thing, Mancini expressed with Juventus Italian Cup semi-final is indeed a great pity: "Away we lose 0-3, but back home we equalized the total score of 3-0 and have the opportunity to enter the fourt

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