SPIEGEL: Rinpoche Tarantino wanted the team to sign Lallana


Rinpoche Tarantino once worked with Lallana Southampton, Lallana also Rinpoche Martino's men will love. In 2014, when there was news that Tarantino wants to bring Rinpoche Lallana White Hart Lane, but then Liverpool Champions League qualification, it did not succeed.

But the passage of time, this season, Liverpool can only win seats in next season's Champions League by winning the European Cup the way, while Tottenham has secured the Champions League. Meanwhile, Rinpoche Martino is a great emphasis on training local players coach, he also hopes to be able to support his Levi's work in this regard.

Lallana Southampton when relationship with Rinpoche Tarantino very well, also Bocelli Tino found his manual, then Liverpool in order to get outstanding performance Lallana also spent 25 million pounds.

In the first season of the Red Army, Lallana plagued by injuries, and now, for Lallana Klopp's attitude is also unclear.

In some important game, Klopp also choose to let Lallana starter exercise. However, Klopp has been in employment, summer programs or windows and not leaving the outside world much clear attitude.

Lallana future course depend Klopp plan if Lallana more just playing the role of a bench, then Liverpool will probably be after weighing Lallana sold.

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