FIFA deputy secretary general of dismissal involving millions of dollars in financial irregularities

International Football Federation (FIFA) 23 announced the lifting Marcus catena-Secretary-General post. FIFA said in a statement said: "The internal investigation found that, in violation of his employment contract catena related fiduciary responsibility ...... catena been relieved of his duties with immediate effect." Learn FIFA internal investigation of anonymous sources, 2008 2014, Walker additional revenue in its rightful revenue on the basis of millions of dollars, I am afraid that this situation only when he was FIFA master Xi Saipu Blatter and FIFA Secretary General Jerome Cristobal g informed the audit committee of FIFA not even understand the situation.

Catena, 45, from Germany, as FIFA chief financial officer since 2003, four years ago, deputy secretary-general. After lifting the FIFA Secretary General Walker duties, catena act as Secretary-General. Middle of this month, FIFA appointed from Senegal Fatima Sa Mula as the new Secretary-General. Once at the United Nations for many years Samu La become history as the first non-European FIFA membership, it was also the first female Secretary-General.

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