The Club Group Chasing Fame And the National Team for Honro, It is Hard to obtain Each For the Champions League and European Cup

Such a national curse, where the winner can not win the Champions League the exact same year the European Cup European Cup. Certainly, they want to sweep the two best honors football fantastic difficulty in Europe within a year.

Five leagues in Europe known as the world's top rated soccer league, when the "Bosman Act" to cancel the transfer of foreign players to the club soon after the limit, very good players around the globe started to flow to these 5 leagues, an occasion to expand the strength in the regular giants , a group of upstart emerged.

Contradictions skilled league plus the national group for a lengthy time, many international clubs, the major players generally encounter the effectiveness of wealthy clubs plus the national group to get persons the situation.

International League encounter throughout race day would be to let the club headache, players had been soon after a lengthy journey and high-intensity game, return to club status and well being are tough to protect, which in the next league "FIFA virus" will break out.

And to the competition, the players have been able to get a location within the national group, the league will try to present, but inside the closing stages with the season, so as to stay away from injury, striker in the league will inevitably have some reservations.

When the player's product attributes increasingly prominent contradiction among the club plus the national team can not be avoided, along with the proper to speak on each sides depend on the club's monopoly position within the league. Skilled players usually go all clubs, the national team is equivalent to "borrow", if a club has a number of internationals, it may have an effect on the group score.

Profit clubs, national teams chase name, only when these two targets with the cross point, it's not as well contradictory to highlight.

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