FIFA 17 to use Frostbite engine over Ignite

This year's FIFA and all future EA sports games, which includes Madden, NHL, and NBA Reside, will likely be constructed on DICE's Frostbite engine, in line with a brand new Game Informer report. The games previously shared an engine developed especially for sports games, named Ignite, which EA revealed before the launch of PS4 and Xbox A single. The very first title to produce the move was final year's Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, and FIFA 17 will be the very first one particular this year. The rest of EA sports output will transition over the course in the subsequent few years, based on the report. The Frostbite engine powers practically all of EA products. Games like Battlefield, Battlefront, Dragon Age, Mirror's Edge, as well as Will need for Speed, all utilise various versions of DICE's engine. EA had previously mentioned it wants all of its games to share precisely the same tech, which was amongst the reasons the publisher invested within the improvement of Frostbite in the first location.

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