FIFA 17's amazing new trailer: 7 reasons the world is now VERY excited

For anybody who loves football and / or video games, the very idea of FIFA 17 generates an awful lot of excitement.

So God knows just how crazy the internet is going to go for the frankly AWESOME new trailer you can see above.

Firstly, the information you need. FIFA 17 will be released on 29 September, more details be released on 12 June and

the new edition will be powered by the Frostbite game engine, in order to deliver authentic and true-to-life action.

Got it? Good. Now let's get down to the serious business of why watching the video above will immediately have you

drooling all over your phone / keyboard.

The clip stars with a montage of FIFA moments that will have your brain buzzing with memories of late nights, broken

controllers and days off school.

As well as a look at a hypothetical Man United vs Borussia Dortmund touchline image, you also get to hear the dulcet

tones of The Special One, who narrates the trailer.


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