National Students League Gaming Division in Hubei Han "war"

Reporter yesterday from the National Electronic Sports League Universities (CUEL) Hubei Division organizing committee, known as the Students' gaming the "Olympics" CUEL will battle horn sounded in the Chinese 18th.

This year CUEL tournament selection DOTA2, FIFA Online3, NBA2KOnline, Hearthstone legend, Heroes of the Storm and other mainstream gaming projects in the top ten Division selection, the main battlefield of selected Wuhan Hubei Division. "Playing the game really can eat." Hubei Division Organizing Committee official said, will focus on discovering and developing a number of outstanding talents of electronic games, direct contracting is expected to line seeded club, worth a lot of money.

According to reports, CUEL Hubei Hubei Division will cover 100 institutions of higher learning. Urban race team the most points will become the city champion, after experiencing brutal knockout, will select 32 teams advance to the national finals.

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