Government finally accepts to meet FIFA

National Council of Sports has at last accepted to meet FIFA officials over government's demands for the national football federation to be registered as a trustee.

FUFA and NCS have for any even though traded accusations and counter accusations using the former saying they can not adhere to NCS 'demands since it's contrary to FIFA guidelines which will attract an automatic ban.
NCS general secretary Nicholas Muramagi had insisted that FUFA and any other federations that had not complied have as much as June 30th to register or cease to be a national sports governing physique.
In line with Muramagi such associations / federations need to not also use 'Uganda' in their names or acronyms.
Nonetheless, following a meeting chaired by the Minister of State for Sports Charles Bakkabulindi at his office in Kampala on Monday, NCS will now meet FIFA officials quickly.
The meeting was also attended by the Commissioner of Physical Education within the Ministry of Education and Sports, Omara Apita, FUFA vice president Denis Mbidde, FUFA CEO Edgar Watson and FUFA legal officer Denis Lukambi.

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