FIFA 17 gameplay leaks from E3 multiplayer demo

A video purporting to show multiplayer gameplay of an early version of FIFA 17 from E3 is doing the rounds online.

Even though the footage is attracting some scepticism within the YouTube comments, with some speculating it may be a heavily modified Computer version of an older entry within the series, there are particular hints that this is certainly the genuine deal - not least of which being the Battlefield 1 banner visible inside the screen's reflection.

On top of that, you will discover quite a few subtle gameplay tweaks that have not appeared in recent FIFA games. The YouTube host notes that the whole game feels slower, with effect slowing down players significantly. Other smaller sized tweaks consist of the ability of players to shuffle up the line with their throw-ins, and that corners and absolutely free kicks possess a various view having a "ball indicator" for cautious putting with the cross. The penalty shot-metre is also missing, making sure the players comedically fluff their penalty wide. "It feels a lot more realistic than last year's version, and I do like that," says the narrator.

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