FIFA 17 could be the largest game we've ever made, promises EA Sports boss

As outlined by FIFA 17's gameplay producer Aaron McHardy, this subsequent iteration on the series is set to be 'the greatest FIFA' EA Sports has ever made inside the history of your game.

Possessing already wowed the globe last week using the football sim's new Frostbite engine and cinematic story mode referred to as 'The Journey', Producer Aaron McHeady sat down with Each day Star On line to speak up the new release:

"This is definitely the culmination of years of operate," McHardy told us.

"We usually do factors which are two or so years within the producing, but we had the Frostbite engine which was more than 3 years, The Journey was far more than two years.

"Within gameplay, our set piece re-write was two years, the technology behind our physical play overhaul was three years in the producing.

"We've had lots of items burning to get a lengthy whilst and they're finally culminating in FIFA 17 - so it's by far the greatest one ever."

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