Fifa need to fix tournament dates pretty

WITH both the Copa America and UEFA European Championship (Euro 2016) soccer tournaments becoming held at the exact same time, football fans are hard put to select their choices. Each are globe class competitions and feature a few of the most effective soccer stars around the planet.

Two in the world��s most well-known soccer stars, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi (pix), are playing in two different tournaments in the similar time in two distinct continents! One particular is genuinely surprised as to why Fifa, the international governing body of football, continues with this practice of holding overlapping football tournaments and ignoring the pleas of millions of fans worldwide who would like to see the action.

It truly is time Fifa takes seriously the problem of scheduling international tournaments to prevent taxing or imposing hardship on the supporters. Football associations also want to speak up and not let the Fifa bigwigs in Switzerland do as they like, ignoring widespread sense and logic.

Fifa has just been heavily tainted by bribery scandals involving its senior officials and it demands to cast a brand new image and also win back the support of millions of fans about the globe who steadfastly assistance the attractive game. The new Fifa leadership desires to bring fresh changes and not be complacent using the established practices and tips.

Copa America is as very good as the European Championship because it capabilities top soccer nations which include Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, the United states of america, Uruguay and other folks. But the limelight and greater publicity is getting provided to the European championship at the expense on the Americas whose soccer associations need to have to stand as much as cease this discrimination.

If Copa America is going to continue playing second fiddle, this American tournament will by no means have the ability to match the European Championship or the Planet Cup. American football associations and continental federations is often assured of having the wholehearted help of fans worldwide that are against this colossal waste of stellar soccer entertainment.


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