Argentine Football Association president angrily FIFA: ridiculous! Inexcusable

RUTHERFORD June 26 hearing on Friday, FIFA announced it would disempower the Argentine Football Association's current leadership team and setup an interim management committee to be accountable for leading the country's Football Association all of the distinct routine. In this regard, the existing Argentine Football Association Xisaigula rebuked FIFA ridiculous.

Earlier, Julio - Argentina Football Association president Grondona served for 35 years till he died in 2014. Subsequently, the Argentine Football Association into a series of corruption scandals plus the economic crisis, and in last year's election of the President, Segura and Di Neri competition truly had voted 38-38 tie, but in reality only 75 votes. To this end, FIFA announced on Friday the Argentine Football Association will take more than till June 30, 2017, until they may be elected new Chairman.

Segura shelling on Saturday of New Jersey Argentina keep hotel in FIFA: "Argentina is about to kick America's Cup final on Sunday, FIFA has announced on Friday the appointment of an interim management committee, that is meaningless, crazy and unforgivable mistake, I've to hurry back (Argentina) to go. "

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