A Football Association received a bomb threat or due to government interference is FIFA suspended


Century America's Cup final, Argentina crashed out again, the penalty shootout loss to Chile, losing 3 finals in 3 years. In accordance with the purpose net news, following losing Argentina, the Argentine Football Association received a bomb threat.

America's Cup final penalty shootout loss to Argentina, Chile group, then the quantity 1 star Lionel Messi Argentina frustrated announced its withdrawal from the national team. Double poor news Argentine fans disappointment, fans get in touch with the Argentine Football Association issued a bomb threat, the Argentine Football Association employees to evacuate the premises.

Argentine Football Association now also faces institutional crisis due to the behavior in the Argentine government intervention, which may possibly result in them to be blacklisted by FIFA, faced using the threat of becoming banned. Argentine Football Association president Louis - Segura along with other executives are becoming FIFA investigation, they have secretly suspected embezzlement of public home, the Argentine Football Association.

But Argentine federal judge attempted to quit the investigation of FIFA, FIFA doesn't agree towards the establishment of a standardized management committee in charge of the day-to-day affairs with the Argentine Football Association.

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