Schalke 04 in to the FIFA gaming's current "Heroes League" group

Bundesliga football club Schalke 04 on Monday announced that its establishment of a FIFA gaming clan, considering that Schalke 04's gaming currently has two teams (the other team is LOL clan).

Schalke 04 FIFA soccer team, led by the Joshua Begehr, he was the FIFA planet champion and European champion, just before he played for Germany's gaming club SK Gaming. Currently the FIFA soccer team Schalke 04 There are three players, namely Mario Viska, Joshua "Krone" Begehr, Cihan Yasarlar.

"Such cooperation can and Schalke reached the scale for us it is actually a dream come accurate," Begehr mentioned. "For gaming and football dreams unites us. Our purpose can be a powerful community opposition to FIFA gaming to the next stage, Schalke 04 in this regard can be a excellent partner."

"A month ago, we opened a long-term business (refer LOL team)," Schalke 04 gaming executives mentioned. "Today, we are further in conjunction with FIFA .FIFA provides us the chance to contact extra gaming areas in Germany have the chance to get extra fans for their assistance."

FC Schalke 04 at the end of 4 Elements clan acquired and renamed Schalke 04, while clan LOGO changed to a constant Schalke 04 and participate in this year's European summer time season LCS game.

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