Manchester City signs its 1st FIFA eSports player

Kieran "Kez" Brown will represent the club at major tournaments.

At this rate the Premier League will want its personal committed eSports division. Following West Ham United, which signed Sean "Dragonn" Allen back in Might, Manchester City has recruited its own FIFA star. Kieran "Kez" Brown is the club's first eSports signing and will represent the team at both key tournaments and fan events. He's not the largest name -- his YouTube channel has much less than 12,000 subscribers -- but he is a competent player. Prolific YouTuber Spencer Owen held a competition earlier this year to recruit a FIFA fanatic into his expert "Hashtag United" team; Brown narrowly missed out, losing to Harry Hesketh in the final.

Manchester City is among numerous football clubs dipping a toe in to the eSports waters. FC Schalke 04, a prime club within the German Bundesliga, purchased a League of Legends team formerly referred to as Elements in May possibly. Vfl Wolfsburg, meanwhile, has signed some diverse FIFA players.

These moves could possibly appear strange for an industry that is mainly focused on physical competition -- but moving into eSports, particularly FIFA, does give some obvious advantages. The long-running video game franchise is extremely preferred and is among the key methods that fans interact with all the sport (outdoors of watching and attending football matches, obviously.) Nurturing the FIFA community, each at an amateur and specialist level, could nurture the ties that people have to the club. A stronger, bigger fanbase will then let a group like Manchester City to earn extra dollars and eventually prosper inside the actual boots-on-the-grass game.

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