FIFA 17 brings new functions to Xbox 1 and PS4 as Man Utd and Chelsea battle continues

FIFA 17 will boast new attacking attributes on Xbox One and PS4 which have now been revealed by EA, who continue to count the cover votes involving Man Utd, Chelsea, True Madrid and Borussia Dortmund stars.

EA has revealed the new way gamers are going to be capable to attack their opposition's goal, with lead gameplay producer for FIFA 17, Sam Rivera, spilling the beans earlier this week.

Two new driven shots could be used in FIFA 17, the very first is really a low shot that may be powered up like a normal shot but requires you to press the shoot button a second time before making get in touch with with all the ball.

EA says this benefits in a ball that's low to the ground and excellent for when you're aiming in the bottom corners with the purpose.

These kinds of shots also have a new number of ball error that fans may have to cope with while tackling their foes.

The other driven shot includes the low finesse shot, this require fans to press the RB/R1 modifier when pressing the shoot button a second time before making make contact with.

If that is accomplished correctly, it is going to lead to a low and swerving ground shot which is usually aimed towards the bottom corner on the aim.

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