FIFA 17's amazing new trailer shows off amazing new functions coming towards the game

FIFA 17 has revealed their fourth and final gameplay video showcasing the new tech that is helping the games mission to deliver a "major leap forward" for the series.

Within the final couple of weeks EA Sports have currently introduced one enormous modify towards the game by implementing DICE's Frostbite engine to provide FIFA 17 that added sense of fidelity.

But as for tangible gameplay enhancments, EA have also implemented a set-piece rewrite, new procedures of attacking and most recently a series of adjustments to improve movement off the ball.

Collectively with Chelsea's Eden Hazard, the latest video demonstrates the games improved Physical Play mechanics, with EA Sports now saying that handle is now within your hands as you battle for space and possession around the pitch

"A transformation within the way players physically interact in all regions on the pitch. Control is now within your hands as you battle for space and possession." a statement from EA Sports has revealed.

You'll be able to have a look at the new trailer, or possess a study of your new attributes explained in detail from FIFA 17's Senior Producer Nick Channon.



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