FIFA 17: How earlier Boro squads have rated on FIFA Ultimate Team

Do you remember who EA Sports deemed to become the top players under Southgate, Strachan and Mowbray? New version of game is released subsequent month.

The latest instalment of EA's ever-popular FIFA series, FIFA 17, is set to become released next month and Middlesbrough fans are extremely excited.

A good deal of which has to accomplish with the reality that for the initial time due to the fact FIFA 08, Boro are within the Premier League!

And excitement reached fever pitch because the boffins from EA turned up at the Riverside to scan all the players faces into the game...Meaning we'll ultimately get to see just how beautiful George Pal really is!

Boro have now got seven various squads who've featured around the Ultimate Team game-type and one particular issue is for sure... they've unquestionably changed more than the previous few years!

Fancy feeling nostalgic for the days of Gareth Southgate, Gordon Strachan and Tony Mowbray ?

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