New face of FIFA 17, Marco Reus, wins very first ever two-on-two match

WE knew that Marco Reus was around the front cover of FIFA 17, but we didn't know how he would fare playing the new game.

Ahead on the highly-anticipated September release with the football video game's newest edition, the Borussia Dortmund star showed up at GamesCOM, the world's largest video game trades fair, to show off his abilities and also the new gameplay.

EA Sports have introduced lots of modifications to FIFA, but that didn't appear to bother the knowledgeable FIFA player Reus in-game.

The new Frostbite engine - an adopted technical platform to enpower video games - has changed the graphics, physics and movement of players, although also permitting for the introduction of the brand new "The Journey" narrative story mode.

For the initial time, FIFA players can get pleasure from a role-playing game mode where their actions handle and determine the profession of up-and-coming player, Alex Hunter.

You will discover numerous new tweaks set to feature in FIFA 17, which Reus trialled publically this week.

A few of these include things like: set pieces having a lot more alternatives, like changing free kick run-ups in addition to a much more controlled ability to aim, plus there's driven shots and the capability to head the ball low into the ground.

Despite all the changes, Reus had tiny difficulty and mentioned it's a "dream" to become on the front cover.

The Dortmund star won the cover spot by beating out Chelsea's Eden Hazard, Manchester United's Anthony Martial and Actual Madrid's James Rodriguez inside a poll of 3.1 million fan votes.

"I've played FIFA to get a lengthy time and for me it's a dream. I'm very incredibly proud."

Reus teamed up having a companion to play as Dortmund, his club in real life, inside the initially ever two-on-two match on FIFA 17 against Bayern Munich, which he came out victorious 3-2.

The German didn't score with himself throughout the match, but as an alternative used Shinji Kagawa and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to score the goals.

Reus will no doubt be relishing the opportunity to play lots extra FIFA, with senior producer Nick Channon describing the game as "the most significant FIFA we've ever made".

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