The London Stadium looks the dog's dangly bits in FIFA 17

With out fail, we're told on an annual basis that the upcoming version of FIFA is set to become 'most exciting yet'.
But with all the release date for FIFA 17 inching ever closer, it seems that this year a lot more so than other people there is fantastic cause to think that the latest version on the game genuinely is worthy of your hype.

Boasting a new FrostBite engine, the players seem additional realistic than ever before. On leading of that, we've told you how impressed we're by its all-new 'Journey' mode, the improved system for taking penalties and also the alterations to Career Mode.

But we're not done but.

Slated for release in the finish of September, we've now had a glimpse at one of several news stadiums that will feature on FIFA 17.

The imaginatively-named London Stadium (a stadium in London), could be the new house of West Ham United following their summer season move from Upton Park.

Photos circulating on Twitter show how the 60,000-seater stadium will appear in FIFA form.

While it is clear that FIFA 17's makers have captured the house of the 2012 Olympic Games in spectacular detail, we're not positive if they've managed to consist of its ridiculously-large technical areas just however.

Irrespective of this, we're confident West Ham fans will agree they've done a specifically impressive job.

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