Harry Kane can't hide bitterly disappointed reaction to new FIFA 17 rating

As everybody knows, FIFA 17 ratings are a Huge deal.

But they're not simply critical to fans of the game anymore, the players themselves Really care about their numbers.

Which can be why Harry Kane can't hide his disappointment when his this season's FIFA stats are unveiled to him in the video above.

You knew it was going to be bad when the Tottenham striker was hyping himself up, saying "they ought to be up there" right after his Golden Boot winning season.

When his Ultimate Team board is turned more than, Kane's face drops as he sucks in his breath with disappointment.

The ex-England corner-kick taker believed his 84 shooting rating should be inside the 90s, while his defending, which has gone up (not down), really should also be higher.

Kane was also unimpressed with his passing stat of 71 - basically, he had an issue with all of it.

Awkwardly, the Spurs striker resigns to it becoming "half-decent".

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