Here's why Iceland won't be featured in FIFA 17

You most likely watched Iceland at Euro 2016, fell in appreciate and thought it will be cool to play using the group when FIFA 17 came out. Maybe, just possibly, the fans would even do the Viking clap. But you won't be able to use them at all inside the video game.

Iceland and EA Sports, who make FIFA 17, have not agreed to a licensing deal that could enable the video game to feature the team. EA Sports offered the Iceland federation $15,000 for the rights along with the federation mentioned no, believing it truly is a paltry sum.

"They are the ones buying these rights and they almost want it for free," Iceland federation president Geir Thorsteinsson told the BBC.

"The functionality at the Euros show that we are pretty a great team and many would like to play with our group. It is sad for the players - but the criticism really should be towards EA Sports."

"I definitely feel if we are giving away rights, or providing rights, it has to be right negotiations and fair fees." added Thorsteinsson.

"I didn't feel that this was completed in a fair and open manner."

The Iceland group has never been within a FIFA video game before. Even so, their run to quarterfinals at the Euros and following they developed put them around the map and created them a target for the game. They are ranked 27th inside the planet now, but barring a alter of heart from EA Sports or the Iceland federation, Iceland will not be inside the video game.

No Gylfi Sigurdsson. No gorgeous flag socks. No luscious Birkir Bjarnason hair. No Viking clap. You will must watch the real point for all that since you won't get them in FIFA 17.


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