FIFA 17 ratings for Clint Dempsey and Jordan Morris revealed

Tuesday marks the official beginning of FIFA season. EA Sports is releasing its demo for FIFA 17 with all the full release with the game scheduled for two weeks after (Sept. 27).

One of many teams featured in the demo is definitely the Seattle Sounders which implies USMNT fans will get to play with each Clint Dempsey and Jordan Morris if they so decide on as soon as it drops.

In preparation for the release, EA have revealed the ratings for the Sounders. Dempsey is rated 79, a two point drop from final year's game, but still the highest for Seattle.

This year will probably be Jordan Morris' 1st year in FIFA Ultimate Team. He was playable last year in other modes as an added in player later within the year. He gets a decent rating of 68 in FIFA 17 with an 86 pace attribute.

These are the initial two USMNT players to have their ratings emerge. As soon as the rest are revealed we'll compare and contrast. It should be fascinating to find out if any American player can top rated Dempsey.

The complete ratings for the Sounders could be discovered right here.

Are you interested in playing FIFA this year? Are you much more of a PES player? Or are you currently additional within the "lol video games are for kids" category? Who needs to be the highest rated American?

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