When does FIFA 17 come out? UK release date, pre-order details and value

The hype has been constructing for weeks now plus the excitement over the release of FIFA 17 has reached fever pitch.
This has been fueled by the gradual leaking of player ratings and images in the game which have wound up fans and players alike.
No matter whether it truly is the reality Asmir Begovic is rated larger than N'Golo Kante, that Jesse Lingard has outdone Marcus Rashford or that Tim Fosu-Mensah has a weird face - there's a lot to speak about ahead of FIFA 17 is even released.
When does FIFA 17 come out?
The UK release date is Thursday September 29th, so clear your weekend schedule for the start out of October.
The US release date is September 27th, whilst the demo is offered NOW!
The best way to pre-order FIFA 17
It is possible to ensure that you get your hands on the game ASAP be pre-ordering. Click here to order it via the EA Sports website.
What will FIFA 17 cost?


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