FIFA 17 FUT WebApp out now - anticipate server problems

The annual mad rush to destroy the FIFA 17 WebApp servers can begin, as the service is technically out there now. It'll be obtaining slammed, so if you encounter challenges logging in, that'll be the explanation why.

In case you get a message saying you're 'not invited' to participate early (even though you've played a bunch of preceding FIFA titles with all the similar account), that's a bug. EA are functioning to resolve it.

Assuming you've got a prior account, and assuming you're capable to obtain in, the WebApp will permit you to produce an early begin in your Ultimate Group stuff for FIFA 17 - even when you don't personal the game. If you're unable to have in, then though you wait you might wish to browse the FIFA 17 FUT player database (could at present be incomplete), or read an post EA have put up about how Chemistry will perform within this edition.

FIFA 17 will be released on 27 September in the US, and 29 September in Europe.

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