FIFA 17 vs Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

Just like final time, we'll be judging each games in three important locations. The very first getting authenticity. There's no denying that this year they each look the aspect, with Pro Evo's Fox Engine and FIFA 17's Frostbite Engine serving up rich, high-fidelity visuals that ripple with atmospheric dynamism.

Stadiums, kits, along with the players themselves appear far more real than ever just before, and fans of both series is going to be pleased with how polished every title has turned out. But whilst there's a good deal to really like on each sides of the pitch, for me, FIFA may be the clear winner for a single simple cause. Licenses.

I know. I know. In PES you'll be able to edit or install the kits and team names yourself, but that is not the point. We're judging each games on what is within the box, and in spite of the truth that they both look wonderful, it really is really hard to deny that FIFA is streets ahead in terms of real-world authenticity.

EA Sports' providing packs in more teams, extra leagues, additional stadiums, and far better commentary. There isn't a fake strip or laughably bad name in sight, and EA has also managed to chuck inside the likenesses of all 20 (present) Premier League managers. Though we'd shocked if that line-up continues to be precise by the end of next month, let alone the end in the season.

Admittedly, PES has the Champions League and Europa League licenses, but when Konami can't even fill out these competitions together with the correct squads, it practically becomes a negative joke. Initially blood to FIFA 17.

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