Uh-oh! FIFA 17's new story mode accidentally used a genuine guy's Twitter handle

FIFA 17's new story mode has sparked controversy for EA right after it turns out that the game utilised a genuine person's Twitter deal with inside a fake social feed.

'The Journey', which follows athlete Alex Hunter's rise to football superstardom, contains a Twitter-like platform where he interacts with his fans.

1 such fan goes by the name Calvin Wong, who messages Alex below the handle @CalWong, but the close-to-life story just got a little bit extra realistic immediately after it turns out there truly is definitely an @CalWong - and, naturally, he's not satisfied at how this worked out.

His response? "Hey assholes, please don't use genuine twitter accounts within your dumb game, k thx."

Wong has given that sent several more tweets, accusing the game makers of ignoring his complaint and asking them to admit that they were wrong for not legally checking that it was real in the very first spot.

"I operate at Cartoon Network," Wong told Kotaku. "And just about every time we make up a character within a show, we ensure that it really is cleared legally.

"A cursory search of my ID @CalWong brings me up immediately. The truth that no one at EA [was] clever adequate to accomplish which is ridiculous."

He was also exposed to racist tweets and threats as a result, explaining: "I got harassed quite harshly about it, with tons of racism.

"It's as if I had a cute private house in my corner in the net and somebody a huge number of miles away gave a bunch of hooligans my address."

EA has due to the fact apologised to Wong, saying that the in-game use of his name in the fictional social feed account was coincidental, and that they would patch him out in the game.

The corporation told Kotaku they "are committed to acquiring this resolved as soon as possible".


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