Fifa 17: The evolution of Manchester United player Paul Pogba

Man Utd midfielder Paul Pogba is really a common figure around the new EA Sports game nevertheless it hasn't constantly been that way.

When young Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba left Old Trafford in 2012, couple of would have anticipated him to come to be the player he's now.

Rafael da Silva was becoming played in central midfield ahead of Pogba plus the Frenchman chose to leave for Juventus, a great deal to the disappointment of Sir Alex Ferguson, who felt he had disrespected the club.

His rejuvenation in Italy goes without saying, as he went from somebody that struggled to obtain into the United squad to the world's most high-priced player in 4 years.

But how has FIFA 17 documented his evolution?

On FIFA 12, the last time Pogba was a United player, he was rated as just a 55 all round, a whopping 33 ratings reduced than he is now.

Not one of the players integrated within the United squad this year are rated as low as Pogba was on FIFA 12, with midfielder Sean Goss the existing lowest on 58.

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