FIFA 17's Ultimate Group will cost you a tiny fortune to create around the game

If you are like us, you want to be the absolute finest you are able to be on FIFA - and that signifies constructing a shit-hot group.
Most of the people want to go out and sign the huge name players like Ronaldo, Messi and Suarez on FIFA 17's Ultimate Team mode to create their dream squad.

If you'll stop at nothing to create the ultimate Ultimate Group on EA Sports' brand spanking new game, you'd improved get an extra paper round since it will price you a small fortune.

Generally, you need coins on the games to buy cards which offer you better players for your teams. You will get coins by playing a load of matches, by selling cards or spending some of your individual hard-earned cash.

The guys at GamesRadar have worked out specifically just how much it can price to put an XI together that would be the envy of top rated managers the world over...and it ain't affordable.

They came up using a formula and worked out that every coin was worth £0.00015219047 inside the PS4 version of ‘FUT’.

For any individual asking, they got this figure based on a gamer getting seven packs of gold cards, with a value of 7,500 coins per pack (that is a 52,500 total), for £7.99.

They then created the GR+ Ultimate Group, with a distinctly Spanish really feel to maximise chemistry, with each player’s in-game currency price and their real life equivalent.

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