FIFA 17 is injuring the hell out of players

In real-life there are many injury prone players knocking about. You know the kind: they play a few games, get injured, invest a couple of weeks around the sidelines, come back, then get injured again. Feel Jack Wilshere, Andy Carroll and all Arsenal players ever.

Effectively, in FIFA 17, it feels like every player is injury prone. Either that, or there's a bug messing about with Ultimate Group and Career mode.

If you've spent any time with either of those modes in this year's FIFA game you will have noticed your players having injured. Now, injuries are a fact of life with football. They come about. I, for instance, tore my cruciate ligament inside the run up to Euro 2004, which killed my opportunity of generating the England squad. But FIFA 17 feels like injury overload.

Going by on the internet discussion on Reddit plus the FIFA forum, players suffer on average an injury per game. Occasionally two. This rate of injuries is tough to cope with because, usually, an injury sparks a four game recovery period. And although players are injured they cannot be played. This isn't the '70s, you realize.

So, what can you do to cope with injuries? Well, you can possess a enormous squad of players, so you've got an individual to are available in any time you endure an injury. Or, it is possible to heal the players by applying a healing card. This either allows you to make use of the player again straight away, or reduces their downtime.

You'll find two kinds of healing cards in the game: these which can be precise for every single variety of injury and these that cure a player regardless of which type of injury he's got. You'll be able to retain applying healing cards to a player to lower the downtime to zero weeks.

So, how does FIFA 17 work out if a player gets injured? It's a bit of a mystery, but most agree that the probabilities of a player receiving injured are larger if he has low fitness and if the opponent uses an aggressive playing style.

Players also have attributes that figure out how injury prone they are. That is, players have ratings inside the game that reflect their susceptibility to getting injured. The concept is injuries will be the outcome of gameplay physics which might be at play when tackles fly in, fused with these attributes.

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