Degea transaction overdue, Manchester United, Real Madrid waiting for arbitration

La Liga transfer window closed today 6:00 whole, with Navas Degea transfer Despite previous certainty, but ultimately did not get official confirmation.

According to previous reports, Manchester United and Real Madrid have agreed Degea will be 40 million euros Real Madrid, Navas is part of the deal. According to the Spanish famous reporter Gilliam - Balaguer and "Aspen Daily", "Marca", Sky Sports and other media reports, the document signed by both sides, Real Madrid and Manchester United failed to reach the Spanish timely transfer office, leading the deal fell through?

According to the "Aspen" reported that Manchester United when the fax file slow, late one minute, only to cause the transfer to fail, but there are rumors that Manchester United timely delivery of the documents, but the Spanish Football Federation did not know how to open?

According to the latest news La Liga expert Balaguer and Sky Sports, Real Madrid and Manchester United will be the FIFA timely submission of evidence to show that they convey the file and approval Degea transfer transaction. It has yet to have a better result.

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