Manchester United dead! Tough fight back to Real Madrid: winter does not sell David De Gea

Manchester United and Real Madrid this two big giants recently due to David De Gea's trading problems make a very unhappy, Real Madrid side accused is Manchester United's failure led to David De Gea's deal failed to complete, and Manchester United have also fought back. The latest news from the newspaper the sun and the daily mirror, Manchester United and now has a clear attitude, David de GEA this summer did not join Real Madrid and the team never in January put him to join Real Madrid, that even if David de GEA will not sign, Real Madrid the earliest to wait until next summer to sign David de gea.

The Sun newspaper, said David de GEA missed in the transfer window at the end of the day to 29 million pounds worth joining Real Madrid opportunity, Manchester United now have a clear statement in January next year the winter transfer window will not let David de GEA departure. Consider to David de GEA contract only less than a year, which means that if David de GEA will not sign, Manchester United will be in next summer to let him free departure.

This season until now, David de GEA has not represented Manchester United in the race a cutscene, van Gaal had a clear position, in de GEA determine future before will not play him. "The sun" said, and now David De Gea Van Gaal back to the lineup is very confident.

And the focus of the current focus on the issue of David De Gea is undoubtedly whether he will choose to renew the contract. After Spain "Marca" and "Aspen" said David de GEA tend to contract with Manchester United and his agent Jorge Mendes has with Manchester United top of this contact.

"Marca" said David de GEA worry if not to renew, van Gaal will keep him on the bench, and in order to participate in the European Cup, David de GEA need consistent playing time, so he now wants to renew. And if David De Gea and Manchester United to complete the contract, then the Real Madrid want poaching will greatly increase the difficulty and cost.

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