Chelsea Star: Messi C Ronaldo strong peak Ronaldinho than their strong

Messi C Ronaldo who is stronger? Is there anyone who is stronger than they are? Brazil international Chelsea player, William gives his own answer.

When asked about Messi C Ronaldo who is more outstanding, William gave a very clear answer: "I'm Mesi." But then he changed the subject, said: "of course, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi into the ball a lot, but when Ronaldinho is the most incredible."

"Ronaldinho is my football field is the biggest idol, in my opinion, 2003 to 2005 Ronaldinho than Messi and c Luo stronger." William went on to say.

William good Zal and Neymar take the golden ball

William then also greatly praised his teammates in the national team and the club, Neymar, and Zal, Zal and Neymar are very great players, (future development) depends on their own, but I think they have become the world's best potential. If they can continue to progress and grow, they will certainly be able to get the golden ball."
"The two of them are very good, but they don't have the same style. I would like to choose them as my teammates, and this is of course."

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