Liverpool Degea war or war return to their starting confidant Van Gaal

Degea bent to join Real Madrid, the result in the end he was left in Manchester, this will undoubtedly make him a very awkward situation. He will happen in the end Manchester United future? This is an issue of concern for all. According to the British "Mirror" reported Degea will return to the Manchester United starting line-up this weekend, Manchester United against Liverpool in the focus of the war, while Del Bosque has recently behind love will.

Degea now follow the Spanish national team to play the game, Spain coach Vicente del Bosque will be very concerned about the situation of love, he even behind the Degea, Bosque said: "Degea want to play, I talk to him, and he was Good. I do not know whether to use Degea, but he gave me a positive response, this is what I want to know. He is a mature man, will not let outside factors affect him. "

Bosque went on to say: "I asked the Degea, whether he has the status of playing the game, he gave me a positive response we have a big squad, we must break the rotation between two national competitions. small, normal to make adjustments to the lineup. kicked Slovakia players and players did not play, we must maintain complete and balanced lineup. "according to the statement Bosque, he is likely to play at end of Macedonia, let Degea rotation play.

"Daily Telegraph" further revealed that after Degea Macedonia Ayala returned to Manchester United, he would probably be in this weekend's Premier League Manchester United VS Liverpool focus of war in the starting lineup. This season had already ended the game, Degea has missed playing for Manchester United. Van Gaal introduced more confidence in their own hand-picked Romero, but lost to Manchester United in the play Swansea game, Romero poor performance, and therefore is expected to usher Degea opportunity for Manchester United starting lineup this weekend.

From the current trend of view, had to stay at Manchester United Degea, it is likely to return to the starting lineup, which makes the Manchester United goalkeeper Romero had increasingly embarrassing position, but the Argentine goalkeeper did not throw in the towel, he said in an interview a few days ago, he confidently said: "Playing for Manchester United has always been my dream, as I have said, Van Gaal has great confidence in me, but I have to tell you, of Manchester United. the starting goalkeeper position does not determine me, but I know that I was a great support Van Gaal and his team of coaches. "

Romero also believes that he is not stable at Manchester United's starting position, but he is confident that he can, through their own efforts, so Van Gaal continue to choose to believe him.

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