C Ronaldo Real Madrid team locker room thanks critical re-emergence of exposure CR7

On Sunday, Real Madrid is not an ordinary day. This is the second day staged C Luo scored five goals in a game after the feat - Portuguese career second to do it, and now C Luo became the top scorer in the history of Real Madrid in La Liga history. Because of this, after the victory over the Spanish team, Real Madrid return to training when you can clearly feel the squad is filled with a festive atmosphere.

C Lo himself feeling of happiness and joy of the players, the team, "holidays" reasons. Teammates satisfaction enjoying the C Lo staged the feat in the Spanish court. When C Ronaldo suffered a goal drought for up to seven games, and his teammates still enthusiastic support C Ronaldo, while the Portuguese finally in Power8 stadium, with "downpour" as an end goal, "the goal of drought."

Because of this, C Lo now thanks to his teammates in difficult times to support him, Real Madrid players know, the Portuguese have a strong competitive heart, continuous without scoring made him very uncomfortable, especially in this case he needs teammates love.

"It's five goals also you." In the locker room, C Luo thanked his teammates, then Benitez's disciples are changing shirts, ready to participate in training.

Teammates such as C Lo Hsieh word happy, knowing that his sentence has two meanings: first, C Luo goal to continue to maintain a sense of hunger, his desire to score intact, secondly, C Luo Thanksgiving let his relationship with his teammates closer together. In fact, Real Madrid insiders C Luo scored big outbreak of the Spanish game is not surprised that this is not the first time C Lo after experiencing underestimate the outbreak, and his teammates are aware of this.

"Talent is the case." Teammates expressed their admiration. Everyone believes, C Lo scoring data will continue to increase, including the former Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti when C Lo also scored a crisis into a bold prediction:. "I believe C Lo will become the top scorer in the league."

In the locker room after a small ceremony, C Luo into the training field to participate in restorative training, he has been considering home against Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League first game.

"Marca" disclosure, receive special training is one of the key C Luo rise again. Recently more than a month of special training, let C Luo began to bear fruit. Benitez and his aides very clear from the outset, C Luo If at first broke out, but the final stage of the season but malaise, is not acceptable. Special training program is to make the C Luo avoid situations Gaokaidizou. To March next year, C Luo also should be C Ronaldo, Real Madrid will enter the most critical moment of the championship. Although the powerful inner strength C Ronaldo, but he also must care for the body, especially to special care in the past that he was very troublesome knee.

C Lo's career is headed from one record to another record, the only goal of Raul's goals is not his to go beyond. C Lo muzzle aimed at Shakhtar now, he wants to maintain its position on the top scorer in the Champions League.

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