Scene - Manchester United Liverpool fans spray each group of ridicule Gerrard was humiliated

Derby's significance is often beyond the outcome of the game, England's highest standard of Derby naturally not much. Even "Daily Mirror" commentator Brian - before Reed sigh "Red Derby is poorer than before", Manchester United and Liverpool which are still enemies mustering combat readiness effort.

Awaiting international competition after intermittent, greet the arrival of a new round of intensive schedule with a red derby match between Manchester United and Liverpool, I am afraid very appropriate. Saturday, intermittent rain stopped before the game just right, five-thirty tee time approaching, red outside Old Trafford is also increasing. 3 hours left in the game began, fans outside the stadium has been gradually up, the weather was a bit cold, the fans come mostly dressed in coat, "a red" scene never appeared, but the lyrics still sounded from time to time in rendering the derby match day atmosphere.
Before the game away fans before the game away fans area region

Reporters interviewed more than a line outside the Manchester United fans, no doubt they are the home team will predict their victory, the fans before the game had even predicted a 3-1 score, but also predicted the Marshall fans will debut score. British fans love to predict the score before the game, and even strangers on the street predicted long dress shirt, or wear any related logo, will often come up to talk with fans.

"Away fans phenomenon" widespread, often the most combat expeditionary force, the general competition, their songs tend to cover the home fans. But in the Derby day, all very different, and perhaps this is the Derby home advantage: The home fans will come up with the usual two to three times the power of expansion stands duel, game and also because these lyrics become more diverse and stereo.
Double Red Double Red imminent imminent

This is Steven Gerrard to leave Liverpool after the first double Societies rivals fans still missed his sarcasm: "Steve Gerrard, Gerrard He slipped on his f ** king a * se He gave it to Demba Ba.. . Steve Gerrard, Gerrard. (- Stephen Gerrard, Gerrard, he slipped fuck it, he put the ball over to Baba, Steven - Steven Gerrard, Gerrard). "directed at Jay Ladd lost crown slip. This episode of the original song lyrics from the movie "Qinxiong mind" of "Que sera sera", and this tune is also dedicated to Steven Gerrard's Liverpool song: "Steve Gerrard, Gerrard, He'll pass / score the ball / goal 40 yards, He's big and he's f ** king hard, Steve Gerrard, Gerrard. (- Stephen Gerrard, Gerrard, he was a ball pass / shot 40 yards ......) "

When Liverpool fans proudly sang "We won five times (the Champions League)," the Manchester United fans will be singing "You won the Premier League it?" And when Manchester United fans sing their team song "Glory Glory Man United. (Glory Glory Manchester United), "Liverpool fans relentlessly sang adaptations:" Who the f * ck Man United ...... "

The process of a game, of course, is to be driven forward such scenes, especially when climax scene, the stands will be a corresponding sound only turmoil. Of course, the sound loud and clear, and the team's performance is directly related to the second half when Liverpool faced 0-2, the visiting fans also did a lot of small voices, instead, is the home fans in the stands waving from time to taunt the visiting team. The Turk barbs Liverpool fans was renewed interest, but the home team fans, Marchal wonderful man show appeared just right, more than 70,000 spectators at Old Trafford has been completely lit, while in Since then, the game of suspense, Liverpool fans began to exit.
Afterwards fans and police Afterwards fans and police

Finish the process naturally became a Manchester United fan carnival show - this time is 19:00, the lanterns, are Manchester United fans the night is just beginning, hearty victory made him the sworn enemy, has become their best carnival grounds . Life is proud to be thoroughly enjoyed themselves, which is to bring their football, but also bring us.

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