Allegri: Juventus kick Manchester City we bring sub-goal is the defending Serie A

15-16 Champions League season kicks off the last season, the Serie A champions Juventus went to Al Ittihad Stadium Premiership giants Manchester City challenge. Juventus in the new season of Serie poor performance, the first three rounds a level two losses only take a minute, but Bianconeri coach Allegri still want to lead the team won the Champions League,

As we all know this summer Juventus lost Pirlo, Vidal and Carlos Tevez three important players, Allegri gives the team selection in this transfer window were big shake Cause In the interview, he said: " difficult to repeat a season like last season, so great, so we agreed that it was time to make a change. Tevez want to return to Argentina, Vidal wants to go to Bayern Munich, while Pirlo decided to go to the US Major League chance . "

However, there is, after Juventus lost three generals also introduced as Man Zhu Keech, Di Bala, Hedi such reinforcements, but the team in the first three rounds of the Serie A league did not show their proper strength , which Allegri said: "Now we have a lot of young players, we need to work hard and increase, individuals and the whole team should be like this every season, every year is very difficult, but it is important. We need to try to improve every day among ourselves. "
Allegri: Last season's Champions League is difficult to forget Allegri: Last season's Champions League is difficult to forget

Then he talked about Allegri last season with Barcelona in the Champions League final in that field meet:. "Last season we have improved in the game every day, and we are strengthening our faith through some tough times Of course it is also very common in the Champions League, we should enter the final with Barcelona and made a great game. "Despite the recent poor summer Bianconeri severe blood loss and the state, but the Italian coach led the team wins or hope get the Champions League and that this is their own unforgettable memories. Allegri said: "won the Serie A title last season, is very good, the other in the Champions League we have to show our strength, that finals for us will be a very important memories, but I still hope that we can at one day win the Champions League! "

Allegri in order to lead Juventus won the Champions League this season, the difficulty is not small, the same group of Seville, Manchester City and Borussia all are hard nut to crack. Juventus tomorrow morning will be a strong challenge away to Manchester City, as of now the Blue Moon in the new Premier League season unbeaten five rounds and mad into 11 balls, worthy of praise is the team is not even a clean sheet. Allegri then spoke about the upcoming game with Manchester City, he said the team's goal is to obtain the first fraction. He said: "Our first match was against Manchester City in the Champions League, we will try to score points in this game, but it will be very difficult, Manchester City are the team's first strong contender."

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