Owen: Champions League will be taken from the Spanish team to tell you my favorite Chinese food

The former England striker, Sina signed ball commentary expert Michael - Owen once again for the majority of users in China sent a sharp reviews. In an interview with Sina sports interview, Owen for Manchester United new signings Marchal, Barcelona MSN striker, Real Madrid Barcelona who is stronger and other topics, a clear-cut expression of their views.

Sina Sports: Many people say that Manchester United astronomical new aid Marchal like Henry, as Henry's old rival, how do you see?

Owen: Manchester United new signings Marshall recently received widespread attention, his high net worth people can not help him and Henry in the same age were compared. Henry in Arsenal's outstanding performance made him a representative of top striker, people say he is one of the best ever Premier League player, he redefined the concept of "forward" in. Marchal just arrived Premier League, have not had time to prove their strength. Obviously, Manchester United is in him as a potential star to develop, he bears a strong complement to the expectations of Manchester United. It questioned whether the value of his 50 million, so expect him to become a superstar. In the past few seasons the emergence of a lot of good players. Van Gaal himself also mentioned the fact that he signed Marchal is wanted him to be a Manchester United headed next superstar, but Marshall is in a great prospect age, for which he does not hesitate to invest a lot of money and reputation. He hopes one day to be like Van Gaal said, to become a great player.

Sina Sports: Champions League is about to go to war, do not make life difficult for you to answer Which team will win, and predict which team will win the league, right?

Owen: Champions League group stage draw has been completed, the exciting Champions League again opened. I already pre-season play-offs made some comments. At this stage it is difficult to predict who will win the championship, the Spanish team can not be overlooked. Barcelona and Real Madrid, they are now the best of two football clubs. But the Premier League teams have the strength to go very far, such as Manchester City and Chelsea. In my opinion, the possibility of the Spanish team to win the maximum, Barcelona and Real Madrid, their promotion of the road almost no obstacles. If you let me make a prediction, I think this year's championship will still be Barcelona. Come back to the question, I think the Spanish team will get the last championship. Either Barcelona or Real Madrid, I personally prefer Barcelona.

Sina Sports: Manchester United players frequented the restaurant, you had lunch yet? The most impressive is the dish?

Owen: I answered the question, and many of them are sports-related, it's a little different, a lot of Manchester United fans was photographed dining in the restaurant, and now we are discussing a topic about food. In the UK, Chinese food is very popular, my personal favorite Cantonese-style Chinese food is floss and refreshments. If the in-depth travel around China, you will find those places and our domestic food are very different, they are more delicious and more authentic. I was in China to eat too many special snacks. Chinese snacks are very popular among football players, especially after Saturday night to get a victory, always will go to the restaurant to enjoy a variety of Chinese snacks.

Sina Sports: Wayne Rooney has just become the top scorer in the history of England, in fact, recalls football in recent years, each branch of the big national team scoring record, are gradually being broken, do you think this is why? It is today the national team scoring easy? Or any other reason?

Owen: First of all to congratulate the England players Wayne Rooney broke the scoring record. Years ago I also tried to initiate a shock to this record. I scored 40 goals, while Rooney scored 50. There is no doubt that this figure will continue to increase, it is likely to reach 60, which is a very difficult goal to achieve.

Many people have asked me why I can now forward into so many balls in the international competitions. I think the most important change in recent years is that there are more countries to join in the international competition. After the dissolution of the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, with more countries to play more friendlies and qualifying. Obviously, a lot of small teams strength is not strong, from Rooney's perspective, the group where they are not evenly matched opponents. So in the qualifying stage, he can get a lot of goals. For these reasons, in recent years, scoring a lot easier. So we have reason to look forward to Wayne Rooney, as well as all the other strikers, as we dedicate more goals. I firmly believe that there will be more and more records were broken.

Sina Sports: Messi, Neymar, Suarez attack line consisting of, you feel look at history, be considered the best club team ever strike?

Irving: Now a lot of people discussing Barcelona's attack trident - Neymar, Messi, Suarez - they count as the best team in the history of the offensive line. I think they have enough at any time any club called the best. Just look at each of them: Messi is the best player in the world; Suarez is currently the most spiritual football striker; Neymar has the most pleasing samba style. Three of them can be among the world's best players in the top five. We can say that Barcelona this attack line is unprecedented.

Barcelona in recent years, especially in the last decade, the most successful club, they elevate football to a new level. Attack line consisting of three of them has the strongest attack. I have to admit that for a long time since Barcelona gathered too many good players, this is not an easy task. But Barcelona has the ability to attract so many good players, this situation will not be broken within a short time, because the rules are written by the elite compile. Barcelona and Real Madrid this season to compete in the Champions League and La Liga is still the biggest surprise.

Sina Sports: Benitez to replace Carlo Ancelotti to become Real Madrid coach, you think he led Real Madrid can challenge the hegemony of Barcelona it?

Owen: As we all know, Benitez took over my old club - Real Madrid. In fact, I came to Real Madrid after leaving Liverpool, he worked for a short time with him. The question now is, Benitez led Real Madrid can challenge the hegemony of Barcelona. His coaching career has a glorious past achievements, he led Valencia to produce a very good answer (Spanish title). This time back to La Liga, his schedule and the players have a certain understanding. I think he is very suitable for Real Madrid. He'll bring something different, he is more focused on changes in tactical skills, and can play a greater extent C Luo role.

Barcelona has become an almost always the victorious army, they kicked gorgeous football, they are hard to beat. Barcelona and Real Madrid are the best two teams of today, they are equally matched. I believe that a more holistic Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid more dependent on individual ability C Luo, once someone is injured, the state Real Madrid can not be guaranteed. Although I think Benitez is very suitable for the current Real Madrid this. But I am more optimistic about Barca, their team has unlimited possibilities. I think it will get La Liga champions Barcelona, ​​two teams in the Champions League will be outstanding, because they are the world's best football teams.

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