Pops! Van Gaal Manchester United were playing angel face broke Qijiang Qi outbreak

Champions League cruised to the first round, it was Manchester United start to blow, the team lost 1-2 in Eindhoven, the main left also because of a broken leg facing the season. Red Devils Champions League journey can be described as quite ring true. It is worth mentioning that, at Manchester United losing at the same time, the two Red Devils Jiujiang Mary and Hernandez but all with the goal to help their team to victory, I wonder if this has not let Van Gaal felt embarrassment.

Let me talk about Mary, the angels after joining Paris Saint-Germain, state amazing. He sent in the French first show them a very subtle assists, while in the Champions League first show in Paris which took only four minutes to complete the scoring, Mary and make kicking the wall with, Wei Ladi straight restricted the right, Mary 9 meters in front of left foot small-angle twist launched into the far corner, skillfully deflected the ball crashed into the net. French "Equipe", said: "Mary almost no run-in with the team, his performance was phenomenal, he has conquered the Paris fans."

UEFA's official website after the game but also to Mary named the best player, and said:. "The best Mary came back to Paris almost every offensive threats are associated with him, and opened the door to victory." " Goal network "is rarely given Dimaliya 9 minutes:" The perfect first show, he is attacking the heart of Paris Saint-Germain, he simply unstoppable in the wing, long time no see so well over the state Dimaliya a. "
Small small pea peas break break

Say that the transfer deadline to sell Hernandez Manchester United, in the face of Borisov Leverkusen game, the starting lineup Hernandez scored a goal in 58 minutes, which is He joined the pharmaceutical companies first goal. The goal of the review process, a small pea teammate pass right into the restricted area, a record lightweight Tui nets, vaguely letting people see the old God beans style, 4-1 final victory over Bayer Leverkusen.

Manchester United in the Champions League opener to lose, and this summer, leaving the team of Mary and Hernandez has played so well in the Champions League which, for Manchester United, there are some sad. Manchester United's recent offensive line problem is hugely magnified, while Manchester United have been highly anticipated and Mary Hernandez has been the other team's core fighting force, which will undoubtedly make Van Gaal embarrassed, after all, these two players are Unable to get enough of Van Gaal's trust and eventually leave.
Mary is also the Champions League, he scored Dimaliya also scored a goal in the Champions League

Mary had said publicly in one of the important reasons to leave Manchester United is Van Gaal, he said:. "Van Gaal has its own philosophy, which is one of the main reasons I left Manchester United's Louis van Gaal wants to adapt too difficult, and I There are many differences between his "last season, Van Gaal personally decided to rent a small pea to Real Madrid, Van Gaal was asked whether Hernandez back to Manchester United, said tough questions Shihai said:." His future ? I have put him away. "At that time the British media that this is equal sentenced to death a small pea Manchester United career, leaving the team this summer, Mexicans, but also completely for Manchester United career a stop. Now Mary and small peas in the Champions League played fast, I wonder if Van Gaal has no regrets?

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