Seven Pente! Bayern have a priceless data compression Messi C Ronaldo Guards

Who this season, five leagues in Europe's hottest striker is? The last two games into the 8-ball crazy bombers C Luo received a lot of attention, but so far most of the goals is Thomas - Muller. After the field scored twice, German consecutive scoring record still continues, he also became a major killer of Bayern's mace.

Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in Greece before the expedition to remind team Olympiakos home record is good, a lot of teams have come a cropper there. Although the team out last season, but the home unbeaten, including wins over Atletico Madrid and Juventus. This time against Bayern Munich, the home fans still creating a very enthusiastic atmosphere. Bundesliga giants although big advantage in the first half, but under fierce rivals Chanqiang and tight defense, Bayern failed to find good opportunities, only Levante headed threat is relatively large. The longer the stalemate holding, Olympiakos will be more and more confident, then Bayern will face even greater difficulties.

The second half began shortly after the attack line has been very active in the Muller stand out. Vidal after receiving a pass on the right the ball Mueller hit a record high arc straight strange goal, attention is drawn to the front of Roberto fighting less, you can only watch the ball from his head crashed into the far corner. This world record wave called a typical "Muller style" Goal: Goals seem strange way (Muller said after the match that the ball is his "slip up"), but can show his clever way to handle the ball well good shot feel. Flash in the pan often need to break the tight defense and a little luck, but Muller's goal for Bayern opened the door to victory.
Muller this field only two turnovers (red) on the offensive end of the ball on the offensive end of the field Muller's pass only two turnovers (red)

Bayern goal after 25 more active, he used his erratic moves to find space in the penalty area hit the door, and after the reaction swift pace blank range was blocked immediately, but was saved by brave goalkeeper Roberto. End of game penalty Mueller created a penalty, will enhance their Champions League goals to 30, surpassing the former Bayern striker Makaay. Each season since he has Champions League goal since his debut, becoming the first in eight seasons Champions League goals can be scored Bayern players and the German players. While maintaining its own fiery state, Muller helped Bayern successfully capture the opponent's devil at home.
Muller last 7 games and scored 11 goals in the last seven games, Muller scored 11 goals

Thomas - Muller has been a not-so-dazzling shine player, but he is doing every season in a very stable contribution, total goals three seasons before are over 20. This season, Mueller suddenly usher in a more violent eruption, in the new season of the last seven games (Bundesliga, Champions League, the national team) among field field goals, and that 11 goals helped Bayern and the national team on all fronts the victory. "Kicker" said the Manchester United in the summer of Mill offer between 85 million -1.2 million euros. And Muller goals this season to lead five major league performance, is enough to prove he was worthy of such a high social status - Bayern of course, it is by no means the value of Mueller digital can be measured.

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