Figo: Messi C Ronaldo can not be compared or they fight Golden Globes

Former Real Madrid, Barcelona star Luis Figo said in an interview, expressed select C Ronaldo or Messi good example, "select white truffles or caviar", it said it would compare the two of them are "wrong."

Figo added that the difference between the two stars is that "depending on how well they played at that time." Figo suggest that you enjoy the two players "talent" rather than "compared with each other."

Who will win on the Golden Globes, Figo said: "This year there will not be any difference with previous years, the Golden Globes will generate between C Ronaldo with Lionel Messi."

Finally, Luis Figo, Real Madrid would like to see win the league, he said Galacticos under Benitez coached better, he felt himself under Benitez's coaching, playing opportunities will Luxemburgo coach opportunities much more.

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