Manchester United revealed in January bought Royce PK Hao hit Real Madrid for 80 million


Although Marchal stunning, but successively lost van Persie and Falcao Manchester United, still can't cover up reality to be sophisticated attacker. In fact, in the last moment before the summer transfer market closes, Manchester United almost signed up Germany Michael Royce.

Bild revealed quote Royce Manchester United last month. It was reported that Manchester United had contact in the last few days before the transfer window closes Dortmund clubs, show that they are the Germany player interest. And Dortmund have the intention to sell, Royce himself was quite enthusiastic, expressed his readiness to visit Old Trafford wish. But in the end Manchester United out of the 65 million euro bid failed to move "Hornet"-they think 80 million euro is more reasonable. This explains Royce in the Manchester United team plans for the future, also means they will face direct competition with Real Madrid and Barcelona.

26, Royce is the hottest talent in Dortmund attacker. Two seasons before his League 50 appearances and scored 23 goals in 13 appearances scoring 8 goals in the Champions League, and given a 11-12 season, the MVP of the Bundesliga and 12 Germany player of the year. In February this year, Dortmund finished with him an annual salary of 10 million euros, due to the renewal of the summer of 2019. Real Madrid and Barcelona have expressed strong interest to him. According to the information before BeIn Sports, Barcelona has opened for Royce 60 million offer was
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