Fighting off Udinese, AC Milan has less Abate and Ku Cika two generals.

In the pre-match press conference, even Mihajlovic admitted this to his formations had brought not a small problem, but he also said the team now has entered the right track, not only To win, but also to catch up with Inter Milan, saying they are waiting Charge beyond horse racing.

"Abate and Ku Cika will miss tomorrow's game, which is a problem, but I remain optimistic, soccer game just come in 11 people is enough." Abate position, AC Milan, as well as playing the game performance Excellent Calabria can substitute appearances, Mijares also expressed to the young fullback praise: "Calabria in the pre-season when they do well, have a great quality competition and training, if they can remain humble if he is likely to have a great career. Honda? He needs to improve the sense of participation in the attack, and put their own ability to show to his critics. play at intermission when there are signs of injury, I told him that if he benched me that we can not win, and finally left him in the court, he also completed in the second half, one assist, after the game I congratulate and thank him. "

Balotelli came off the bench after two, his performance has been recognized, and even Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani, who admitted he changed a steady. Now the time is ripe, the bar of God in this game is likely to replace the poor state of Adriano starter, Milkha nor deny this possibility: "Balotelli is likely starters, I have not decided on? , you need to decide before the state of the best players fielded. I was 17 years old he had known him, he has been concerned about the 25-year-old, his behavior during been criticized, but now he was called in life model. Berlusconi do recommend the bar of God playmaker? He said Balotelli can be done, but the players clearly not this feature. "
Miha Miha and with Mancini Mancini

Inter exclusive ho to take four straight championship, which also directly Milkha AC Milan beat, but Milan coach is not convinced, for their friends Mancini, he joked: "I envy only Mancini hairstyle only! first four games as a team can not qualitative, but we have to do is to not let them take our scores thrown too far. Their game schedule is relatively favorable, but we must continue to maintain their own The pace of the horses often end up winning the outset fall behind, we are finally able to horse racing to victory. "

Finally, Michal also talked about the San Siro fans: "Our fans demanding, sometimes like in home games on the road the audience really understand the ball, we show the fighting spirit and determination when the fans will give players. some warmth, but they will with impunity in order to boos hurt players. I hope the fans can see the good side, we will continue to come up with a good state. "

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